Are You Looking for a 3PL Warehouse for Your Business?

What does “3PL” even mean? – It stands for an outsourced third-party logistics service.

Typically, a 3PL provider is used for shipping and other business operations for a business’s specific needs, without the large overheads of having to run a warehouse facility.

A third-party logistics service stores, picks/packs, manages and transports goods to fulfill orders, lowering costs for your business, while offering efficiency on a schedule to handle the product on behalf of your company.

There are many reasons you could consider the service of a 3PL as a centralised warehousing centre, such as meeting the ordering demands of an eCommerce business. In general, a third-party provider is suitable for handling large quantities of orders a day offering a streamlined solution for your company.

There are Many Benefits from Using a 3PL Service Provider

3pl warehouse manager doing an inventory

An experienced and established 3PL warehouse provider will supply the right service for your requirements and company procedures, using a fully integrated service that will add value to your business for many beneficial reasons.

A third-party logistics provider will benefit your company by offering a cost-effective, structured, and proficient service, which helps to reduce overheads and operating costs if you were managing your own warehouse, freight, and shipping schedules.

There are a lot of benefits to using a 3PL warehouse, using a professional quality service with a long-running client-base, with satisfied clientele.

Keep in mind that a 3PL service usually does not look after sales performance or land tracking of the goods. The best option is to research warehouses that offer this service already to companies that are like your product and business procedures.

Using a third-party logistics centre will help reduce costs, with a minimal workforce keeping your business small, and provide a quality control service utilising a simple but effective integration technology solutions to fulfill order demands.

The advantages of implementing these services are to provide your business with the logistic needs at low-cost, on time and in budget. The benefits of a 3PL are to assist your product to improve inventory infrastructure and handle your stock and expansion of your business.

The Logical Choice to Use a Third-Party Logistics Warehouse

A wholesale or distribution warehouse is not the same as a 3PL warehouse service, they differ completely, a third-party logistics provider or centre, will handle your inventory in the interest of your companies’ behalf, they do not own the stock as a distributor would.

Choosing the right 3PL warehouse is the key to any successful business, knowing what to look out for and what questions to ask.

Software is one of the main important components, which allow their client to manage orders, track the status of goods and view stock levels.

Capacity and making sure the warehouse can store the products, with appropriate space for your stock and for future inventory growth as your business expands.

Costs and billing for 3PL services, including picking and packing charges, storage fees, and transport charges. Structures of costs could vary depending on stock levels, pallet numbers, or weight of goods, and these could expect to change on a weekly basis.

Warehouse conditions are another aspect to consider, storing goods during seasons throughout the year, with varying colder or warmer temperatures, prices are to be considered based on your product and the storage requirements for certain stock handling.

Typically, your third-party logistics provider will outline ratings and go over prices for their service, for the best advice and advantage of looking after your goods make sure to research and ask the logical questions before deciding on a 3PL warehouse.