Digital marketing trends you need to take advantage of

Digital marketing is ultra-competitive. It’s the ‘must have’ marketing element of any business and as such the landscape is becoming saturated. This means that you need to have things that differentiate you from the rest.

Content marketing full of valuable information

Content marketing is super important to get information out to your customers. However, this doesn’t mean bombarding them with facts that they won’t find relevant or are too complicated to understand.

You need to add value to your marketing and that is why content marketing needs to be carefully researched and put together. Content marketing should be aimed at certain customers and a certain stage of the decision-making process. Creative content that is engaging, informative and share-worthy needs to form the core of your inbound marketing.


The rise of social media has led to the prominence of influencer’s. These people promote your brand from a voice that consumers view as trustworthy, trendy or valuable to engage them in your brands story.

Influencer’s should become a part of your brand so that they take consumers on a journey that they also feel a part of. It cannot be forced but should be moulded together so that influencer’s are now a reflection of your brand.

These people must be seen in the eyes of your customers as respected and admired individuals in order to have the desired impact.

Artificial intelligence

This is one of the booming aspects of digital marketing. Not only does it streamline processes but it allows you to engage with customers more through both employee and digital interaction. Chatbots enable you to gain more consumer information than ever before and automate marketing to individual consumers.

Live streaming

This builds heavily on your customer relationships allowing them a closer connection to the brand. If they are able to participate in releases, developments and announcements, even in a digital manner, they feel as though they are a part of the brand. Building deeper customer relationships is critical to the retention of customers and, further, building customer loyalty.

Virtual and augmented reality

Facebook has recently developed a new feature that allows marketers to advertise using augmented reality on its news feed. This is designed to boost user engagement with brands as a result of more personalised marketing campaigns.

Virtual reality is designed to have a similar effect and allowing consumers to delve deeper into the business operations, potential experiences and products will aid in both gaining greater attention and visibility whilst likely developing a stronger customer relationship.