Do You Need To Learn About The Australian Football? Read Here

football player during the game

Australian football is one of the unique games that are played globally. It is a hilarious game that is played by the eighteen players a side. Each player on the field will keep on striving for the oval leather ball and pass it to the teammate with the aim of passing the ball past the goal posts that stands about one hundred and fifty meters from goal to goal. If the ball is passed successfully past the goal without being touched by the opponent, then the referee will declare it a goal. Each goal is equivalent to six points. The team is allowed to make three substitutes in each game. The ball is also supposed to be played within the boundaries of the field. These boundaries are made or drawn by the white paint.

They are therefore supposed to make sure that the players are able to identify the mark within which they are supposed to play the game. If the ball goes past this line, then the referee will give an advantage to the opponents. This is served as a punishment to the team from which the last player touched the ball before it got out of the playing field. The following are other aspects of the Australian football that you need to understand;

  • How to gain points
  • Playing ground

How to gain points

Just like any other game like soccer, the points are always awarded depending on the number of goals scored per the game. Soccer normally awards three points for any win despite the number of goals scored. As opposed to soccer, the Australian football awards six points for every goal scored. This means that for a team to win a game, it will have to score as many goals as possible. If the points or goals are equal to the ones scored by the opponents, then the game will be said to have settled in a draw. Players will therefore strive so hard to make sure that they score many goals per game.

Playing ground

players trying to catch a football

The playing ground of the AFL is just like that of the soccer game. The slight difference is that it is quite bigger than that of the soccer games field. Although there are no standard measurements for these fields, most of the fields are measuring from one hundred and thirty five to one hundred and fifty five meters. The length can be up to one hundred and eighty meters. This varies from one field to another. What remain constant are the lengths and the height of these goal posts. Each post stands about six point four meters apart and six meters high. The ball on the other hand should be made from leather and shaped into an oval shape. The ball is meant to be passed from one player to the other with the intention of scoring the opponent’s goal. The moment the goal is declared, and then the team gains the six points that are available for grabbing during the game.