Embracing digital opportunities without disrupting your business model

Digital transformation often partners disruption but it is important to know that complete disruption doesn’t always have to occur when embracing digital opportunities. Digital opportunities are designed to benefit your business and limiting disruption is important in maintaining process and business structure.

In order to do this, companies must know how to best scan for businesses opportunities and developments, absorb them and take advantage of the opportunity.

Tracking business disruption

Being able to identify the possibility for disruption is important in being able to subsequently manage it. Many businesses, nowadays, will have a team or division dedicated to business development.

These employees will be constantly looking for areas of disruption and implementing ways to manage it whilst taking the opportunity associated. This process involves reviewing current strategies and seeking ways to best improve it whilst also looking externally.

Encouraging innovation

When businesses encourage innovation from all employees they open up more doors for employees to thrive and also diversify their idea generation. This boosts employee output and increases the likelihood of successful digital business innovation.

There is certainly no strategy that works for everyone and allowing employees to innovate, get creative and implement alternative digital strategies means that it is less likely to disrupt the business model and better take advantage of the opportunity available.

Go beyond traditional R&D

Putting structures and specific processes in place for research and development can be good in theory and does provide boundaries that keep employees on track. However, going beyond this and allowing for creativity as explained above increases opportunity and reduces the likelihood of complete disruption.

Opening up new doors to consumers and clients to engage in development is going to facilitate a more streamlined solution and thus less disruption when exploiting digital opportunities.

Provide the necessary training

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make. They bring in new technologies that alter process and think that they will have an immediate impact without proper education. Employees need to understand how new technologies work and therefore require adequate training.

Training helps to ensure that the digital transformation is successful instead of hoping that because it is digital it will work itself out. Employees need help and education will not only enhance the impact of the technology but it will also limit disruption as the business makes a smooth transition to the new processes.