Opportunities to take advantage of in SEO

There is only one constant in the SEO world and that is change. This creates numerous challenges as experts attempt to hold strong on their beliefs and continue to use that which has worked well in the past.

The reality is that it is about keeping up with the trends and forever changing your perspective in order to keep up with both Google and the searchers. Jumping onto opportunities is one thing that you need to be looking for every day in the SEO landscape.

Here are a few of the developing trends and opportunities arising.

Link building is a challenge

Link building is something that is talked about frequently with much of the talk often about how it is going out of fashion and that it is no longer important. This sort of talk should be ignored. Link building is one of the most consistent performers when it comes to ranking well, it is simply that it is becoming harder and harder to do.

Google has managed to put a stop to buying and selling links or putting irrelevant links on pages or hiding them in an attempt to not be seen. Link building now requires high quality content that people want to read and others want to link to.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

The rise and importance of mobile adaptation in SEO is something worth repeating. It has become so prevalent over the last twelve months that those who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon have already fallen behind significantly.

Mobile search is growing at a rapid pace, such that over a third of people are engaging in a form of mobile search every day. This means that you must have a site that is mobile friendly or your ranking and user experience will fall.

The mobile rise forces businesses to condense their information and only include what is highly relevant. Boosting videos and images also helps and this is likely to have positive consequences for your desktop site too.

Voice search

As mobile search increases so does voice search. Siri, Alexa and Google voice searches are getting better and more understanding. The accuracy is now at a level that people want to use it on a regular basis.

Voicer search means that people are using more conversational language and long-tail keywords when searching. Your SEO must take advantage of this by researching more about what user’s needs are and the types of searches they are conducting via voice versus text. Voice searches are also more likely to be about finding a location so local search queries are should be a focus.