SEO tips for success

SEO is becoming more and more critical to the successful operation of your business as Google begins to adjust their search algorithm to better suit consumers.

Having the number one keyword for organic Google results no longer means that it will appear first on the search engine results pages. This is because Google is starting to adjust its algorithm so that results are tailored to the individual based on previous searches, their location and their interests.

These changes make search engine optimisation even more important and it is even more crucial that it is regularly worked upon and developed.

There are a number of search engine results page (SERP) features that are now highly relevant in ensuring that your pages or website ranks for a number of search terms. Using these is a great way to increase visibility across the internet.

Featured snippets is one of the main ones and these feature below the Google AdWords giving a small insight into the content of the pages beyond the meta description. These are great for encouraging people to click on your site as they can already see that the key information is there.

Additional SERP elements include;

  • Sitelinks – these are great for providing searchers with a number of shortcut options within your site from the SERPs. These are small links that appear just under your meta description linking people to other parts of your sight
  • Local packs – these provide searchers with a collection of your local listings often attached to a map and make it easier for them to find your physical business

In addition to these SERPs features, as touched on above, it is critical that you are regularly updating your businesses SEO. Doing so will likely increase visibility through additional content or more relevant and ‘trending’ content that people are interested in. Not enough businesses make regular updates and in doing so you are able to stay ahead of your competitors.

Make adjustments based on data

Do thorough research on your keywords and the types of information that people react to. Find your sweet spot and be sure to maximise its value through repeated uploads, developments and finding the keywords that people search for on a regular basis. It is likely that these things change and should therefore be updated regularly.

Use diverse feature that boost SEO

Your pages need to look appealing whilst encouraging Google to rank you. This is done through an attractive and user friendly page that includes simple headings and reduced user effort. Include things like;

  • Images,
  • Captions,
  • Internal links, and
  • Informative text

So that users are able to quickly gather the necessary information and move on. This helps them to quickly find a solution whilst engaging with your site.