The do’s and don’ts of social media for businesses

It’s no secret that social media has a big role to play in business. Its ability to reach a wide range of audiences and for audience interaction is diverse.

The main purpose of social media for businesses is to broaden their reach and engage with different audiences. Whilst social media is a great way to reach people through a range of different mediums and through different strategies and platforms, not every strategy is necessarily a good one.

Do know who you are

Just like marketing through any other medium, social media marketing requires your business to build a strong image. Your message needs to remain consistent and the content needs to build through the brands values.

With so many different people likely to be posting on your social media accounts, it is important that you have a clear brand identity that is followed to keep your message consistent.

Don’t be reactive

Social media has opened many positive doors for businesses but it also provides a really easily platform for consumers to post or comment negative feedback and opinions. It is important that you are not reactive to these sorts of things allowing them to escalate. Get on the front foot, be honest and empathise with consumers. This helps to build stronger relationships.

Do understand your audience

There are so many different social media platforms and everyone engages with them differently. Whilst you may be targeting a variety of audiences, they may not all be relevant on each platform. Know which platforms each audience uses and why they use it. This will help you to understand how to market to them.

Don’t assume you know social media

A business account is significantly different to a personal account when it comes to social media. There are so many features that are offered by Facebook, Instagram and the like that can be extremely beneficial for your business. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they all are.

Employ a social media expert to take control of your social media marketing. They will understand how to best utilise its features.

Do test campaigns

Even with all the data in the world it can often be difficult to understand how people will react to a certain campaign, image or promotion. Run tests to a select audience before opening it up to the entire customer base to get a gauge on what works and what doesn’t.

Learn from each test and your successful versus unsuccessful campaigns and make adjustments for the future.

Don’t set and forget

Like everything in the digital world, social media is constantly changing as peoples tastes change and adapt to new features. Your social media needs to be regularly updated to stay ahead of or line with trends and what your customers want.