What is special about teak outdoor furniture?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, teak outdoor furniture are not the same as your regular patio pieces —they are nothing short of awesome and chic. Suppose you have been sitting on the fence about getting teak outdoor furniture; read on as we reveal what is special about teak outdoor furniture.

But first things first;

What is teak outdoor furniture?

As the name suggests, teak outdoor furniture is made from teak trees native to south and southeast Asia countries, including Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. What makes teak trees stand out is the extent of their growth; how tall they can reach. The average teak trees can grow up to 200 feet in height. And you know what that means?

Growing up to that height means teak trees can produce lots of timber. In Southeast Asia, where teak trees are mostly found in abundant supply, they are used to build homes and simple tools. Thanks to advancements in technology and easy means of transportation, the woods can be found in virtually every part of the world.

People now use them in major construction projects like ship construction because of their durability and ability to withstand the elements. In addition to using them for ship construction, teak wood is also used in building boats, frames, carvings, and of course, indoor and outdoor furniture.

Why do people prefer teak over other types of wood?

Teak outdoor furniture

One question that gets asked often is, ” what makes teak wood special? Other times people can’t seem to understand why teak outdoor furniture are causing so much buzz — what is special about them?

Unless you are just joining at this point, you would already know the answer to these questions.

  • Teak wood are applauded for their longevity

There’s is more to teak outdoor furniture than meet the eyes. They are more than furniture; they are investments. How? Unlike other types of woods that usually pack-up or need to be replaced or repaired every now and then, teak wood is rated among the highest quality of woods out there.

As such, furniture made out of teak wood is regarded as high-quality items, and they retain their best qualities and remain in good condition for a very long time. And because outdoor furniture are exposed to the elements (harsh weather conditions) all year round, it is only logical for one to get teak outdoor furniture. That way, you are sure you won’t be spending fortunes on maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Recall that teak is used for boat building — for interiors and decking of luxury boats. Their high tensile strength, tight grain, and high oil content make them resistant to whatever weather throws at them, making them ideal for outdoor furniture.

  • No treatment is required

Unlike other types of outdoor furniture that demand or require regular treatments and maintenance to help the wood stay longer, teak outdoor furniture doesn’t require treatments. For instance, teak wood has a warm honey tone which gradually changes to a silvery gray patina with age and after prolonged exposure to the sun — which is simply breathtaking.

Suppose you want to maintain the honey tone on the teak outdoor furniture, you can use teak sealers to protect them from the sun. However, most teak outdoor furniture owners fall in love with the silvery gray patina. As such, the chances are that you may not want to treat it all.

  • Luxury and style

Last but not least, teak outdoor furniture adds warmth and luxury to your space. Speaking of luxury, teak outdoor furniture are pricey compared to their counterparts. Having teak outdoor furniture in your home speaks of your class and taste in luxury items. They give off glossy finish and keep your patio or porch beautiful.