When You Need A Gold Coast After Hours Doctor

When the sun has set and the night calls sometimes you require the services of a Gold Coast after hours doctor. This tourist mecca on the East Coast of Australia is famous for its nightlife from theme rides to night tours, to night markets and pubs and clubs. If you live here or are visiting and the dark fall hustle and bustle causes you a medical problem or issue, a Gold Coast after hours doctor is often preferable to the long waiting times shown at the emergency ward of the local hospital.

Who is a Gold Coast After Hours Doctor?

A Gold Coast after hours doctor is a trained medical professional, often a General Practitioner or a Specialist Doctor who has chosen that little bit of extra dedication to his practice and services patients after normal hours of operation.

Chair Dr. Michael Wright states that Australia rates number one in the OECD ranking for healthcare and equity outcomes and recent reports state that the healthcare industry is worth $3.2 billion dollars on the Gold Coast as the fastest growing industry beyond construction and tourism.

With such a high professional medical representation there are a number of 24-hour medical clinics where after hours medical practitioners can service patients attending an emergency appointment, and there are also a group of dedicated house-call doctors that will come to you if you need medical assistance.

Instead of waiting hours for that ambulance to come to you, with less than expert medical care and then waiting even longer at the emergency ward, calling upon the services of a Gold Coast after hours doctor is often the more logical choice.

Will a Gold Coast After Hours Doctor Bulk-bill?

More often than not, if you qualify for bulk-billing services then the Gold Coast after hours doctor will not personally charge you for his or her services. Occasionally there may be a call-out charge if you are a fee-paying client, but the cost is far outweighed by the professional service and medical attention you are given, and these doctors are worth their weight in gold to a patient in pain or distress.

What to Expect from a Gold Coast After Hours Doctor?

Gold Coast after hours doctor checking a young boy

A Gold Coast after hours doctor can attend to all of the regular medical services a normal hours GP provides including treatment for migraines or headaches, gastric illnesses such as stomach pain or infections, respiratory ailments such as asthma or bronchitis, skin irritations and infections, elderly issues, falls and abrasions, contusions and lesions and can prescribe and deliver appropriate medications and care immediately.

Sometimes a patient will forget to fill their prescription and require medication for their issue and can call upon an after-hours doctor on the Gold Coast. And sometimes a Gold Coasters’ busy work schedule allows him and her only to access services outside of normal business operating hours. This is when these unique doctors come to the fore and represent the very best in medical care in this glamorous sea-side city.

When do You Need the Services of a Gold Coast After Hours Doctor?

Even if you are only staying on the coast for a week-long tourist trip or are a long-term resident, don’t hesitate to call upon a Gold Coast after hours doctor. You might have injured yourself in the busy nightlife of the coast, or maybe your child is feeling ill while you have been at work all day, or you have run out of medication and find it difficult to attend a normal hours clinic, or don’t want to wait hours at the emergency ward, this is when you require the services of the best doctors on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast after hours doctor is a consummate professional and of the highest world ranking, call upon him or her now for your medical needs.